Classical dressage or as it is known today; ‘dressage’ is considered to be one of the most harmonious and perfect disciplines in the equestrian world. It is a form of art where movements are converted into spectacle due to the perfect symbiosis between the rider and the horse.


In Ancient Greece soldiers trained their horses conscientiously so that the animals behaviour on the field of battle would be agile and fast as a soldiers own life depended on their horse. The Greek general and historian Xenophon – 430 b.c. described this training discipline and talked of movements such as ‘stamping’ and ‘passage’, terminology that we still use today.


To achieve such perfection an exhaustive training programme is necessary as well as agile, noble and intelligent horses and patient, calm and masterful riders. From 1912 dressage has been an Olympic sport, although until 1952 only cavalry and ex-cavalry officers could compete.

Yeguada Sola Nogales in their as yet short involvement in the world of dressage, has achieved a constant presence due to the first class selection of their horses and the best riders.

Each year we take part in important competitions and events achieving outstanding results and raising our level in a sustained and constant manner.