In  1998, Mª José Nogales Delgado and Juan José Sola Ricca founded their stud farm with the purchase of stallions and mares from the Escalera and Marín stud farms.


From the very beginning, the founders decided to breed Purebred Spanish Horses (PRE) for competition, focusing on dressage. In the few years they have been involved in this sport, they have won numerous prizes and widespread recognition. Their tremendous dedication and effort are visible in the creation of this stud farm that has magnificently designed and quality facilities devoted to the breeding and training of PRE Horses.


The Los Girasoles ranch has specifically designated areas and buildings depending on the activity. There are grazing zones for broodmares, zones for weaned colts to live freely, for riders to train the young horses and for dressage, and last but not least, stables for stallions and for carriages.

Yeguada Sola Nogales is a member of A N C C E, The National Association of Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders of Spain, wich is the international parent association founded for Purebred Spanish Horses.